Sunday, March 14, 2004

The other day I went to Toronto with some friends but for what may be the first time ever, I did not drive. I wanted to sleep but couldn't. I was too worried about how the driving was going: navigating, not falling asleep, whether or not Joe used his signals when changing lanes. I was really anal retentive about everything. I also had a giant mound of my family's Canadian change that I was charged to get rid of. That challenge was also met head-on, turning about $30 of nickels and dimes into, well, it's all gone now. The reason I'm writing this is to acknowledge that I am too bloody uptight and need to relax a little. If you're reading this, you already know. Maybe I should smoke weed. Some guy came into work today and his eyes were comepletely bloodshot from weed; you could smell him from yards away. He was relaxed for fact, he just stood staring at the floor for several minutes at a time. He paid with exact change.

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