Tuesday, March 16, 2004

New Album Buying Bonanza!


Drain S.T.H., "Freaks of Nature"

--Some Swedish women play heavy metal. Very crunchy. Crunchy like crash test footage.

Ozomatli, "Coming Up"

--Newer EP of the band. Rap with a horn section. Tribal dance music with scratching. Blacks, whites and Latinos! Wheeeee!


Various, "Saturday Night Fever"

--How often do you go to the Salvation Army and find a winner like this for only 99 cents? Four sides of disco is all I'll ever need. The packaging is in just as good condition as when the original owner picked it up in 1977.

Brad Swanson, "Party Time: The Whispering Organ Sound of Brad Swanson"

--My father has one of Brad Swanson's other records so I had to pick it up. Another 99 cent masterpiece. Organ renditions of "Deep In The Heart of Texas," "Mairzy Doats," Beer Barrel Polka," Hava Nagila..." and that's just PART of side A. BFLO made!

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