Friday, June 06, 2008

Rally for the Peace Bridge Neighborhood, Part II

Several posts ago I mentioned a press conference by the National Trust for Historic Preservation declaring the Peace Bridge neighborhood one of the "11 most endangered" historic areas in the US. I biked to Front Park and attended the conference. Despite the cold rain and winds about eighty people showed up, as well as every media outlet in the city.

For more information, visit the Trust's dedicated page. Basically, in order to prevent terrorists from coming into our country and destroying more buildings, we have to increase our presence at the border by destroying more buildings first. There are better alternatives, but why use public input?

It should be noted that while the Peace Bridge Authority has worked on bridge plans since the early '90s without anything to show for it, it took them 24 hours to find my post. What they're looking for I have no idea.

If you were lucky enough to watch the Channel 4 News at 5 that day you would have seen a full body shot of me for about three seconds, staring off into space. The fame has really gone to my head.

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