Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Livery Stable Collapse Part III

A possible buyer?
City plans legal action against owner

A growing number of community members have been able to stave off the destruction of Livery Stable on Jersey Street, and may actually get it preserved. This is a big turnaround from just a week ago, when the city was knocking (more) holes in the roof. There was a third court date this morning but there the only ruling was that there will be no ruling for two weeks. This afternoon there was a staged press conference/protest in front of the building.

Just to recap: Bob Freudenheim bought the 100-year old livery stable for $40,000 about twenty years ago. He never kept up the building. He tried to sell it for $400,000 and got offers, but for some reason never sold it. Neighbors and the city complained about Freudenheim's housing violations for years. Now that the building's instability has left five families homeless, the courts must act now. In two weeks or so. Maybe. As bad as this is, it has taken years to get to this point with other properties.

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