Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trick or Treat

Daily hits to this blog doubled in the past week (to, like, four people) AND the counter passed 15,000. Special thanks goes out to that one person in Ireland who checks back on a regular basis. (You know who you are, dude! Thanks!)

Lately the topic of "what ELSE do you do on the Internet?" has come up. "A lot of nothing" is the answer. Over the past few months I've stuffed my Bookmarks with dozens of links to prove this point. I thought I'd clear it out today, so enjoy.

Johnny Cash doing an Elvis impersonation:

Take a self-guided tour of Buffalo with these handy .mp3s.

A cop busts himself for drug possession.

Some guy in Buffalo has been living in a secret underground bunker and it made international news.

Cracked put together an article called "The 7 Most Insane Moments from Cable Access TV" and you just know it's good stuff. Number 1 is a mildly retarded boy with his own cooking show. Since I can't embed it, here's another episode where he f**ks up Jell-O.

Want to learn more about Buffalo's world-famous grain elevators? Even better, want to sneak peaks inside them? Check out this link for inspiration. If you'd rather look at pictures than take your own, visit this page to see downtown Buffalo back when it had people. Why oh why did they build the Main Place Mall? This picture is in the observation deck of City Hall:

Someone took my old record and made a YTMND entry with it.

The Prelinger Archives was the free source for most of MST3K's short films. Here is an instructional film from the 1970s showing you how not to cut off your arm on the job.

My best bud/roommate got a new job as a news reporter. Naturally, it made the front page!

Whatever happened to the youngest kid on Home Improvement? What hasn't? When your life story is titled "Cheese Nuts" you know it's worth reading. Equally interesting is a long article on now-former Sabre Chris Drury.

Two chickens break up a rabbit fight!

If you're an adult (like me) who's a big fan of Harry Potter (not me) and too embarrassed to read it in public, you'll want to try these fake book covers. One G-rated example:

Miss Teen South Carolina is trying to help education in our country by creating a new foundation, Everywhere Like Such As Maps. Note the strategic insertion of a random photo enticing you to click Play.

I recently presented a superb program on medical mycology.

Finally . . .

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

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Brian Emerson said...

Your blog is a source of goodness and beauty in a world full of meaningless crapola!