Saturday, October 20, 2007

Even Stevphen

The Daily Show unveiled its new website, where you can watch every single minute of every episode from the Jon Stewart era. This is more than wonderful. Though I'm still waiting for clips of A. Whitney Brown during the Craig Kilborn years, I'm bursting with joy. Before Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert were making Emmys and millions, they were performing together in Even Stevphen, my favorite reoccurring bit. Here are the search results below.

9/19/99: Weather

4/10/00: Elian Gonzalez

10/29/00: Halloween

1/16/01: The Clinton Years

10/14/01: Secrets

6/18/02: Death Tax

5/6/02: World's Policeman or Fireman?

8/18/02: War

6/18/07: Hate Yeast

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