Sunday, May 13, 2007

Video Rodeo

My Bookmarks menu has become increasingly clogged over the past semester. A lot of these were found via FARK recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of "I'm stuck to my chair. I'm so very scared. Help," the greatest BBS thread in history. Anyway, go to town on YouTube while I clean things out.

Madd Dogg, President, After Dark Events. I once started work on a documentary of this guy but this mockumentary is an awesome idea.

Louis Armstrong duets with Johnny Cash

Tom Waits plays "Chocolate Jesus" live on Letterman

Tech Support in the Middle Ages

Elton John improvises a new song using cooking instructions for an oven

"Weird" Al Yankovic's video for "Bob"

Body Flex II: wrinkle removing exercises

Richard Simmons OUTBURSTS!

The animated script of Pulp Fiction. You'll see.

My favorite of the bunch: "This is a clip from 'Troop of One Hundred', taken from a Japanese comedy/prank show, where a 100 people chase after random strangers and you see their reactions."

So round, so firm, so fully packed!

Proof that Family Guy steals from The Simpsons

The best of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show


Live Stock Market Updates from Weebl & Bob Investments

Drinking Time at Dartmouth

Here too are some YTMND clips I didn't get sick of.
Breakup Letter, Dramatic Reading
Parents, eh?
United States of the Holy Grail
Snoop Dogg's Pink Floyd Shirt
Roll Fizzlebeef (MST3K fans only)
Back to the Future: Source
Rush: For the Nintendo Entertainment System

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