Saturday, May 05, 2007

Deus Ex Machina

Grandpa's old Minneapolis-Moline baler was just donated to the Western New York Gas and Steam Engine Association. Jerry brought over a Minneapolis-Moline tractor he's been restoring off and on so Uncle Raymond could take some final pictures. I don't know anything about this stuff (UPDATE: check out Jasson's site for more information) but I showed up anyway.

As long as I'm posting pictures:

The new couch I bought for $30 on Thursday night

. . . to put in the new apartment I'll move into on the 1st. Is it a bad idea to post pictures of your home?

1 comment:

Brian Emerson said...

I post pictures of my house all the time...

...and its only been broken into four or five times, you got nothing to worry about.

Nice lookin' place!