Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why Mississauga is a pluton

Article from The Star

J-Oe and I went to the Jell-O Museum in Leroy, New York. Before you ask a silly question like "Why?" I think you should look of this picture of a brain-shaped Jell-O mold.

Who is Marge, and why are kids allowed to put Jell-O all over her?


Some lovely items at the gift shop. Why isn't Jell-O for sale?


Apparently, Bill Cosby's visit was a Big Deal.

BUT THE FUN DOESN'T STOP THERE. Joe and I got us some hot poon at the House of Poon in Rochester. And no, they don't serve Tang.

How much does it cost to get Poon? About ten bucks or so.

Night of the Living Drink Specials

Grandma Poon's knick-knack shelf

POON, right here. On the table.

Fortune for Ox: "Marry a Snake or Cock. The Sheep will bring trouble."

After seeing Little Miss Sunshine at Little Theater in Rochester, we took a little walk around downtown.

Eastman School of Music

A downtown venue

SPoT Coffee

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