Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pictures From Last Month

A new display at the Albright-Knox

Security got after me for taking a picture of this. Those people are watching a belly dancer just off-camera.

While leaving the museum I got stuck in traffic during a 5K run.

Here's the scene from Buffalo's Italian Festival, taken at an angle reminiscent of the Penguin's lair.

Joe loves sausage

Bocce Cow

How can a funeral home branch out to a second location that's right next door?

I went back to Hertel one night to see a movie.

Seen outside the free Shooter Jennings show at downtown Buffalo.

Shooter 'n' the band

Buffalo City Hall

This guy rocked; the photo doesn't do him justice.

Scott (center)

Scott wanted a picture of this so he could figure out what it was (an early Game Genie). I thought I'd end this post on a down note.

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