Thursday, August 03, 2006


[00:57] Jeff: The Dukes of Hazzard story is wonderful
[00:57] TomServo0: shucks, thanks
[00:57] Jeff: i love the intertexuality "seseme street"
[00:58] TomServo0: that was my big "intertexuality phase"
[00:59] Jeff: the speilberg ending, though, throws it off
[00:59] Jeff: you have this great story line leading towards a climax, but then you blink
[01:00] TomServo0: i know!
[01:00] TomServo0: what i was trying to do was express a great dichotomy in the quinessential american experience
[01:01] TomServo0: the dukes, representing the poor, rural South, and Seseme Street, portraying the rich, urban North
[01:02] Jeff: yeah - you work that in nicely
[01:02] TomServo0: when the dukes meet the street - north meets south - they're instantly on the run
[01:02] Jeff: the underlying theme of police corruption with the subtle connections to reagan's social policies was a good overall critique of the mid 80s
[01:02] TomServo0: their past transgressions chase them as they attempt to emerge from anonymity
[01:03] TomServo0: at least it ends optimistically
[01:04] TomServo0: the parade symbolizes a united yet diverse "american" consciousness
[01:04] TomServo0: the dukes have gone from being chased by the police to cheering them on
[01:04] Jeff: it was also a carnivalesque inversion, since the police trailed the parade rather than led it
[01:05] TomServo0: you've got it exactly. it's as if you read my draft notes

Here are some more old documents from my storied and enviable life.

Pre-school Progress Report, May 1984

Pre-school Progress Report, January 1985


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Joe said...

Your dressing skills still need improvement.

Eduardo said...

you took the words right out of my mouth.