Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My First Book

Recently unearthed, here is a book I wrote in the mid-'80s. I don't remember the reason why it wasn't published; something about copyrights, I think. The plot ends a little to conveniently during the conclusion but there's some real suspense working up to the climax. It's called The Dukes of Hazzard; hope you like it.

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jeff said...

We could probably explain a lot about this story with queer theory, too. This last car looks like a penis, so underlying the story there seems to be a lot of the homoerotic tension from your orthodoxy-filled, youth.

The parade, I think, offers the chance for you to come out; it's a celebration of your openness and your escape from the heteronormative orthodoxy, which, in this case, is represented in both the allusion to Sesame Street and in the authority figure of the police that your characters have to flee from.

From the plethora of images you offer, it's only the penis in the parade that makes it into the last scene. The last three pages show the penis becoming gradually more erect as it escape the orthodoxy pursuing it. In "THEY WERE GETTING CLOSER," it appears wiggly and limp, but in "Then all the cars were coming together," the tip of the penis car has begun to emerge; it is now noticably taller than the other cars. In the last scene, the car has transformed fully into an erect penis, free and naked in the public street.