Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sleater-Kinney RIP

The Official Website of Sleater-Kinney

They have several shows left to play, but my favorite band is breaking up. Disappointing, yes. At least my friends understand:

JoeBlowz: haaaaaaaaaaaa
JoeBlowz: hahahahaha
TomServo0: thanks for the support

EunuchJeff: haha - your favorite band is DONE
EunuchJeff: haha - so what - a subpar band that you like is breaking up - who cares?

TomServo0: ARGH
TomServo0: and then SK breaks up
EdPolPot: yeah :) not your day
EdPolPot: hey I gotta jet
EdPolPot: I just cooked dinner

Screen names have been changed to confirm their personalities.

If that isn't enough evidence of cultural entropy, consider the opening and closing of the following graduation speech. It is by this year's class president of my old high school and copied exactly as printed by the local paper.

As Jeff Foxworthy says - Welcome yo'all. Thank you Mr. DeCarli, Board of Education, Mr. Lu, Mrs. Strauss, faculty, staff, parents, family and friends for coming tonight to celebrate with us. Many of you know my favorite saying is Get R'Done, and I feel "that" saying captures what we have accomplished in these last 4 years at Akron.

. . .

"We take our skills, our talents, all our strengths - all that we have learned over the years, we take this to an unknown future." (italics) Yet our goal remains the same - Getting R' Done. To the Class of 2006 - thanks for the good times. It's been fun knowen ye'all. Best of luck! See yaw at ten year. Thank You!

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