Monday, June 19, 2006

Look at this Frodo Graph

Every time I do it makes me laugh

Hey fans. Last weekend, Joe, Kazu, Scott and I checked out the Allentown Art Festival. It was the shiz. To prep for our awesome day, Joe washed and waxed his car. He would pay for his piety.

We parked a ways a way and got to experience a little urban strolling. Who doesn't want a little "in and out"?

Bubble Person welcomed us to the Festival.

The place was packed! Two hundred thousand people came to the show! None of them looked at my camera.

We tried out those fried Oreos; they tasted like cupcakes. What I especially like is the "Please Do Not Sit On Apple" sign, ignored by this policeman.

Joe fulfills his sinister urge for Italian Sausage

The old Quaker church, now refurbished as a . . . refurbished Quaker church, I guess.

The Party Cube. I once did this guy in 38 seconds.

Ani DiFranco's The Church, coming soon

The Buffalo Police have suffered a lot from recent budget cuts. Not that I'm making fun of the size of their car or anything.

Some sidewalk art . . .

. . . and the alleged artist.

Scott fell madly in love with this street dancer. I say, get off the street and get a job!

In keeping with the small cars theme, here's a 5-foot tall UPS truck. The only way we can thwart terrorism is to make smaller delivery vehicles. Smaller trucks, smaller bombs, y'know?

Three cool dudes . . . are not in this photograph! (That joke was submitted by 7-year-old Suzie Jenkins of Parkersburg, West Virginia.)

I have never captured the elusive Lance Diamond on film. Here he is blocked by three middle-aged goofballs.

There! There he is! In the hat! The hardest working man in Buffalo!

When we got back to Joe's car it had been vandalized by birds. That's what you get for washing and waxing. And poop on the handle, too. Dang.

We then met up with Dave, and an idea hatched: hockey. Scott explored the deepest recesses of his garage to find a goal and some goalie gear. That's a whole boat buried on your left.

Four uncool dudes search for the ball I lost on my very first shot. You can see video of the fun in a previous post.

Photo of the Year

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