Monday, June 26, 2006

The Beetles - Letter B

Dave and I went to the free Blues Traveler show in downtown Buffalo. The crowd was so big (40,000?) that the city had to shut down rail service. I don't know that guy in the blue but he seems nice enough.

If you look closely, you can see crowdsurfers.

The only good shot we could get of John Popper. We tried catching him as he came offstage but the camera's strap blocked the lens. Nice work, Dave!

Another member of the band (sorry, not a big fan) signing autographs outside the tour bus

Sorry to this woman, as I tried to take a picture of the crowd but the flash went off later than expected. Stare at those dots for a while and see what happens. . . .

Subway service resumes. You can see inbound and outbound trains on either side of the pole. It looks dingy but we're just happy the place is populated.

I like this shot, too.

City Hall, currently under renovation.

Later, Dave and I thought we'd try out University Hots downtown. You can see video of me eating (whooee!) in an earlier post.

Before (heartburn)

After (stomachache)

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