Sunday, January 08, 2006


Dog, Monkey, and Christmas Eve

The above link goes to Google Video. It's choppier than Castpost but has a larger viewer and unlimited storage.

Some pictures from the past week. Here's Scott at the theater, working on the marquee.

The dog took my bed one night.

This is what a full Record Theater book looks like. It happens once every couple years.

The George Eastman House/Museum in Rochester

0.1 megapixel!!1

Joe gets in the shot. AGAIN.

Eastman was a notoriously competitive pie baker. Honest.

Eastman's suicide note, 1932.

Eastman's ashtray

SPoT Coffee, Rochester is located in an old Chevy Dealership.

"Big" Ed Snyder does his impression of Western Montana.

The Sabres lost

John Cusack types "I MISS U" to the Hinterland Girl

Tim, Joe, and Ed rock out with Frank

Frank rehydrates

If you touch Frank here, he tastes like copper.

They drive off

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