Friday, January 06, 2006

Jamestown '06

Hawk gets the girl, the win, the award

Why go to Jamestown? Why NOT go to Jamestown? I drove my car to Ed's, we walked to Joe's, Ed drove Joe's car to Dave's, and Dave drove us in his car to Jeff's house in Jamestown.

Dave keeps his body warm and his car well-oiled. Or is it the other way around?

According to Joe's GPS, there was a large body of water nearby.

South Butts. As if there is a North Butts.

Jeff's brother wanted to know why we take pictures of everything. We do it for the same reason he wears tee-shirts outside in the middle of winter.

Dave wins the PRIZE!

No trip to Jamestown is complete without a trip to Johnny's. No food from Johnny's is completely digested without several sprints to the bathroom.

Joe sucks

Jamestown is home of Lucille Ball, as well as the Lucy & Desi Museum. Ed took a picture but was quite unimpressed. I'm trying to imagine a Lucy & Desi Museum that would be really impressive, but can't. Meanwhile, Desi wonders what Ed is up to.

"Fred, take a picture of that sign that says 'Worship' on it." "Okay."

Jamestown Community College Southern dorm complex.

and taken from the exact same spot, the North complex.


Dudes . . . ON WEED!

This was THE very Denny's where I saw THE Sleater-Kinney after a show on 16 December 2004, who just happen to be THE best band in America.

Junior Jeff

Dave's new XM Satellite Radio as installed in his new car's dashboard, playing Joe Ferguson's new, unforgettable album Take It From Me.

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