Sunday, January 29, 2006


For years, many have wondered, dreamed--nay, fantasized--about the whereabouts of one James Steinman, grandmaster of that most perfect union of science and mathematics: feeezics. We found him one dark afternoon at the University of Rochester.

Jim took us to a mysterious watering hole with dozens of giant televisions. The great Seahawks and Steelers were victorious that day, but we had to wait to get in.

Since we had last met, Jim has used his deeevious aptitude at feeezics to devise ways of drinking beer faster than allowed by the space-time continuum.

Jim's Subaru is almost newbaru!

Jim then invited us up to his new, spacious digs. We promptly went through his stuff, looking for personal effects. According to one report, his fridge is well-stocked with orange juice.

Jim used to wear a lot more black. Now he dresses more casually, saving his black clothes for midnight vampire hunts with Chuck Norris. Those vampires are breaking Texas law!

Jim then told us he had a bevy of women coming over, and that we had to leave. There are some things Jim just doesn't share. For better pictures, check out

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