Sunday, January 01, 2006


Some milestones from the past few days:

--It's New Year's Day.

--Barring any strange circumstances, I have finally won Jeff's Pro Football Pick'ems. (I'm the New Orleans Fighting FEMAs.) Remember: never choose the Cardinals. Ever.

--Though it expired today, I finally got to see what TotalFark was like. Thanks again to Rottweiler8 for the free month!

--I have almost downloaded nearly every episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, my favorite show of all time. I am watching them in order. Today I will see my favorite episode, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians", for the first time in almost ten years.

--My car hit 77,777 miles.

--Joe Ferguson's first album has finally dropped. I helped write or perform on several tracks. My keyboard solo is atrocious on it.

--"Hottest Girl in School", a song I helped create, has been (semi-) professionally recorded by the one and only Tim Schrock.

--I recently met up with such rare people as Ed, Dawn, Brian and Catherine (see previous posts).

--I almost learned to ice skate. Well, "almost" is a loose term.

--The Canadian Government processed and sent me my new Dual Citizenship card. The last one was seventeen years old, so it was about time I updated the photo.

--My Masters Project for Buffalo State was accepted, meaning I have officially completed all the work for my MA in Social Studies Education.

--Last night I submitted my Masters Project for UB, meaning I need only the approval of my advisor to receive my MA in History.

--I'm doing all my laundry as I type.

--In a few hours, the Bills will finally stop losing.

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Joe said...

I got a DVD burner for Christmas if you want to use to back up your MST3K episodes.