Friday, August 12, 2005

Those Darn Accordions

America's favorite rock 'n' roll accordion band

TODAY I SAW JOSH DISSEK. Oh man it was horrible. Did you know that he sucks? It's on the Web so it's true!

Dave and I also saw the band Great Big Sea, who harmonized and plucked like men possessed.

Then we bumped into Carlie, and here is the proof. It's been about two years, I think. FYI: the man on the left is time-traveling.

Normally, if you see someone after two (?) years conversation can be awkward. Dave made sure we got nice and comfy. FYI: the guy on the left is checking me out!


Josh Sucks said...

Great show. Did you happen to see the naked young lady bouncing rhythmically (or rather being rhythmically bounced from behind) in the open window on the 12th(?) 14th(?) floor of the liberty building? If only GBS could manage to incorporate that into all their shows...

TomServo0 said...

Free show, free love? If only I weren't watching the band!