Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ha! Ha!

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For those who are alums of Canisius College, today I checked out the new Eastwood Residence Hall, where the parking lot between Bosch and Loyola used to be. This is the view looking from the lobby to the quad.

I couldn't get to the actual rooms because of electronic locks. Back in the day I would move into my dorm days early and no one would be the wiser but NO, September 11th or something.

Eastwood from the quad.

Eastwood next to old, decrapitated Bosch.

Anyway, I had to check out the building when I heard they built a new tunnel. This connects Eastwood to Bosch, but there's another one connecting Eastwood to the Student Center across the quad.

At 9 o'clock is the Bosch laundry room. At 5 o'clock is the Public Safety desk. At 2 o'clock is the new tunnel between Bosch and Eastwood.

The basement tunnel meets the first floor lobby of Eastwood

I'm not too sure how good an idea this tunnel was. It goes behind the chapel, parallel to the Palisano Pavilion about 30-40 feet away. I was hoping the tunnel would be built under the very center of the quad, going in front of the chapel. So far this seems redundant.

The tunnel comes out at the very end of the lockers underneath the Student Center, behind the Griffin Newspaper office. I was hoping that the Student Center, Chapel, Eastwood and Loyola would be connected underground, but so far it's just to keep Eastwood residents from going through Bosch and Frisch on the way to dinner. A dinner that probably still gives you the runs, by the way. Maybe that's why students need a faster tunnel back to the dorms.

Remember when 50 trial hours was a big deal?

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