Saturday, August 20, 2005

Anal Douche

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Dave and I went to the Erie County Fair on Friday. What I thought would be a normal day with the animals ended up being a unique chance to see a master photojournalist at work.

The master photojournalist arrives

Press Passed Pants. Say it 5 times fast.

There were tornado warnings all day, and it rained heartily

The Buffalo Bills exhibit at the Historical Building

Poor apostrophe usage

The pig races

Retired racing pig

I went looking for big cocks

So some jackass started screaming Animal Cruelty at the elephant handler. Normally you can respect a person's opinions about animal cruelty, but when that person pays $14 for admission and parking to people organizing an event where thousands of livestock are graded, sold and slaughtered, and then that someone only complains that the one animal they keep alive is being treated unfairly, well, that person is retarded.

Dave is paid to take pictures of little kids, so it's not wrong.

More Animal Cruelty

Cruelty to my ears

Cruelty to Chinese people. This lady is spinning two cloths and a hula hoop while balancing 40 wine glasses on her chin while standing on a ball as she walks across a see-saw.

Cruelty to sunlight.

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