Friday, August 26, 2005

Metro Arts and Architecture

Buffalo not on list

Joe, Dave, I and a few thousand people saw the Sam Roberts Band at a free show in downtown Buffalo. Matt Mays & El Torpedo, above, opened. Note the woman in the sunglasses. She made her way to the front and will NEVER look at the band.

City Hall. Okay, she's looking at the band now, but not when they're playing.

Radio hack! LOLZ! HaXorZ are teh 1337.

Joe thinks I want to take picture, but I was really trying for Yassir Arafat. What's that woman in the sunglasses looking at?

Dave's Bald Spot. The woman has taken off her sunglasses, and is repulsed.

Sam Roberts. Three o'clock, lady.

Yassir sneezed on a lot of girls during the show, eventually finding his way to the back.

Dave says he'll never work here. He should.

Then Dave and Joe asked each other, "What's the gayest thing we could possibly do with the rest of the night?" "I know, let's get fondu and feed each other strawberries." Soon after, the closeness of Dave's nose to the pepper shaker will ruin a perfectly good pot of melted chocolate.


Sam Roberts believes in Rock & Roll.

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