Friday, May 14, 2004

Since summer's just around the corner, it's about everyone got accustomed to the new BDI (B*** D***ling Index). The lower the BDI, the hotter the outdoors temperature. Let's show an example of everyday use:

X: Man, it's hot out.

Y: No kidding, dude. My BDI is four from the floor.

Z: Heck, mine are still waiting in the car with the AC on.

X: C'mon Z, we told you not to wear a sweater!

Now let's show a very different situation:

X: There's no heat in this pool!

Y: My BDI is in my stomach!

Z: My BDI broke off!

X: C'mon Z, we all know you're Jewish!

--A public service announcement from The President's Council on Physical Fitness.--

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