Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Leadership Seminar pt. 2:

Seminar Speakers are normally forgetable. The first one during the conference, however, at least got my attention with his topic. Two giant screens in the 1500-person room said simply: "MEET FRED." I now quote from the program handed out to all the participants.


Who is Fred?
And how does he manage to make a difference in the lives of everyone he meets?

--Fred is the customer service rep on the phone who finally gives you some service.

--Fred is the clerk who loans you $5.00 because the ATM is broken.

--Fred is the postman whose outstanding service inspired Mark Sanborn's THE FRED FACTOR.

Fred is the extraordinary person we can all be if we just follow the four life-changing principles that can help us find fresh energy, enthusiasm, and creativity wherever our careers or lives may lead.

Stop making it through the day.
Start making a difference.


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