Monday, May 03, 2004

Last Friday I went to a Leadership Seminar for business-type people who have to go to leadership seminars. Here's a conversation I overheard while in the bathroom between speakers:

1: "Hey, whaddya think so far?"

2: "Oh man, are you kidding? I live for this stuff!"

1: "Ha ha! I hear ya. That guy was right on about prioritizing.

2: "You know it. You know, every morning I enter my tasks in my tablet..."

[this is where I started rolling my eyes]

2: "...and then I put them in order of importance. And I've found that when I accomplish the first three or four, the rest just seem to melt away."

1: "So true. Are you staying for the lunch roundtable session? I'm going to be here the whole day."

2: "You know it!"

I didn't know these people existed. More on this later.

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