Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stephen's Last Night In Town

There's nothing to do in Buffalo? First and foremost, American hero STEPHEN COLBERT spoke at UB. Guess who got a free ticket?! No, guess again! Well, yeah, he got a ticket too. But I also went!

Nate and I then headed to the casino to celebrate Li's move to NYC. I didn't bet any money this time, making it my most successful night ever.

Saturday morning was docent training. We took a walking tour of Buffalo's Theater District (Theatre?). Today I realized architecture is just Lego appreciation for rich people.

Everybody must get stoned!

Lunch marked my first time at Laughlin's: three floors of dark wood and good food. Apparently it's also owned by the Pearl Street people.

Later I went out with Rebecca and two of her friends to a wine tasting. The cranberry wine was something else. Y'know what else was something else? The 47-year-old grandfather that hit on Rebecca for twenty minutes. I commiserated with him afterwards.

Dude: I tried but she blew me off.
Dude: Hold on to that.
Dude: You're a lucky man. Shakes my hand.
Me: There's plenty of fish in the sea, man.
Dude: You're right. You're right.

This gang introduced me to Sidebar and Hoegaarden, a beer so good its website's not in English. These people are wonderful, whoever they are.

Maybe it was the wine, but wasn't Christopher Walken awesome on Saturday Night Live last night?

Sunday meant, among other things, a trip to Mississippi Mudds on the nicest day of the year. Sadly we have video proof.

Finally, beaver. While walking around the park we found a beaver . . . eating Dairy Queen! A perfect ending to a perfect weekend. There's nothing to do in Buffalo.

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