Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Not News

Over the weekend this page's counter passed 20,000. Thanks to everyone for making the site such a hit. Get it? Hit? Ugh.

Roommate Dave recently picked up a story for the Tonawanda News about a handicapped man who fell out of his bed. Instead of helping him, his girlfriend brought him food for a month while he defecated on himself. Dave's story was picked up by the newswires and published in several papers across the country. Hey, if Bill O'Reilly's career took off from Inside Edition, the sky's the limit for Dave!

An eerie similar story came to light on CNN last week. A mentally ill woman didn't leave her toilet for two years because she was too afraid. Afraid of what, exactly? Her boyfriend doesn't know, and he didn't think of getting help until now. I found out about this story because for some reason, CNN linked the article to my blog. Thanks, CNN, for my 20,000th visitor!

In celebration, here's a special video by Paula Polinski. The music is Mrs. Miller's recording of "Downtown" from Rhino Records' The World's Worst Records Vol. 2. Isn't it sad I know that?

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