Monday, January 21, 2008

All The Small Things/Change Clothes

Last year I thought up a ton of New Year's resolutions. There's a year's worth of blog entries to that effect which I don't wish to reiterate. This year, however, I had only two goals:

1) Quit my job, and
2) Say goodbye to my favorite shirt

As of Friday afternoon at 12:20 pm EST, mission accomplished.

My previous job required me to get up at 3 in the morning. On Friday I tore down the curtains in my bedroom. From now on I'm sleeping when it's dark out!

I also took advantage of the last day of my company discount to buy a new set of towels. You laugh, but I've used the same towels for ten years now. My towels are older than Eminem's career. Think about it, won't you?

Even better, I got to throw out the work khakis I've worn every weekday for the past two years! You know, the ones that I bought at a rival department store because they had better prices?

When I was fourteen the world obsessed over grunge, flannel, and an amazingly successful football team called the Buffalo Bills. Also that year, I went to an Ames store in Alden to pick out a heavy-duty plaid, lime-green flannel shirt in XL that over time became the Best Shirt Ever. Sure, it was formal wear, but I could also use it for school or play or volunteer house construction in West Virginia. In recent years it became too worn for outdoor use. I only let it out to see grunge pioneers The Melvins before forcing it into the purgatorial category of "pajamas."

But amidst all this fun, I knew I still delayed the inevitable. The shirt had to go. I threw it out with the work pants. I don't miss the job, but the shirt? Man. Give me a minute. . . .

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jeff said...

So glad to see that you finally got rid of that shirt. When Dawn and I came up with the concept for "What Not to Wear" in late 1998, we tried to get rid of that shirt for you. It had another decade in it.

Who knew?