Saturday, January 12, 2008

4 Guys 1 Cup

I waited in the winter Buffalo wind for half an hour to get Stanley Cup tickets at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. The older couple behind me were related to the Bulldog and wished the Cup came in May so they wouldn't freeze outside. It was here in April, but those are brass tacks now. We picked a great night to come out. So did this kid! He put his grimy little hands all over that trophy.

Joe congratulates Dave on another successful season

Jerseys, photos, and other articles were also on display from Toronto.

The ticket line stretch from out here to the gift shop inside

The Dominik Hasek Award for Domination

Joe schmoozed with Miragh Addis, the Hockey Hall of Fame archivist/collections manager/bullet taker for the Cup. This is the traveling Cup, not the permanent Hall of Fame display.

Ding! Fries are done.


A non-boogerfied photo of Dave and myself.

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