Monday, December 31, 2007

A Noun, A Verb, and 9/11

It's two hours to 2008 and I wanted to make my 100th post of the year before I go out. As you may or may not know, I've recorded (almost) every E-mail and IM conversation since 1998. Now that I've put them on a single hard drive, they're searchable to me and me alone.

So here's some history for you. As the world burned on September 11, 2001, I contacted my now-roommate Dave in Washington, DC. Was he hurt? Did he hear anything? Is the capital shut down? Apparently it was more important to discuss our AIM icons.

Scoobieg89 (10:14:36 PM): blurp
TomServo0 (10:14:42 PM): you again
Scoobieg89 (10:15:01 PM): blurp blurp
TomServo0 (10:16:21 PM): you again again
Scoobieg89 (10:16:36 PM): blurp blurp blup
TomServo0 (10:16:52 PM): nice icon
Scoobieg89 (10:16:54 PM): that's the sound of the men...workin on the ...blurp blurp blurp blup blup
Scoobieg89 (10:16:58 PM): rock star?
TomServo0 (10:17:09 PM): looks like you
Scoobieg89 (10:17:38 PM): blurp blurp blurp blurp it blurp does blurp
TomServo0 (10:17:56 PM): um... yes.
Scoobieg89 (10:18:22 PM): I like your icon...nirsucka 's big in /Rolling stone this week
TomServo0 (10:19:14 PM): nirsucka?
TomServo0 (10:19:31 PM): is it the issue with whatshername on the cover?
Scoobieg89 (10:19:38 PM): yes, as in, i'm professing my undying displeasure over their music

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