Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Free Space

While at Jim's Steakout tonight, roommate Dave found copies of a free publication called the Bingo Bugle. In giant letters on the front page is the headline "CELEBRATING THE BINGO LIFESTYLE." "The Bingo Bugle is a celebration of this lifestyle," the paper continues, "with articles on travel, health, humanity, puzzles, astrology and other topics of interest."

I couldn't wait to read it. And it's monthly!

Inside is a doozy: excerpts from a short story by mystery writer Elaine Viets called Sex and Bingo:

It was a summer of sex and Bingo.

Where Helen came from, Bingo had nothing to do with sex. In her hometown of St. Louis, Bingo was a game for women gamblers. They were serious and gray-haired. Stick cigars in their mouths, and they'd look like the men who played high stakes poker.

But on a cruise ship, everything was different. Even Bingo.

I don't want you too hot and bothered so I'll stop right there. You can read the tantalizing, gray-haired details by buying the book. It's for sale on Amazon for $0.03.

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