Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Food Album

It's on Amazon

If you spend time with me you may wonder why I take photos of all my food. I wish I could answer that. Maybe it's because of the communal nature of eating or the association of going to restaurants and bars with group events. In any case, this is every food-related picture I can find on my computer. Have you gone out to eat with me since I bought this computer in August 2006? Then you're in it. Honest, you don't look that bad in person.

Also, this slideshow explicates just how bloody difficult it is to take pictures in a restaurant. The dim lighting, the closeness of the food, the aversion to letting off a flash in a crowded room, and copious amounts of cheap beer really hamper the effort. Some photos are retaken but fewer look any good. How do those recipe book people do it?

Also also, there's a shot of a garden store in here. Oops! This post could not exist without the fine folks at WFMU, who found the amazing soundtrack for this slideshow.

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