Thursday, November 29, 2007

Faux Toes

With the end of the year less than a year away, I felt it time to post some pictures I couldn't put in any other posts. You'll see a few more of these in the month.

Firstly, you have to try a place called the Viking Lobster Company in Black Rock. Joe, Jim and I spent a good hour trying to finish off some delicious lobster with a kitchen sink's worth of extras. That's my lobster on the bottom, stuffed with scallops, crab, clams, jumbo shrimp, and FLAVOR. It's $30 with a soup and salad. Did I mention that local celebrity Don Postles was there with his friends and family? Now that's classy!

You know what's really classy? Big glasses at a Congressional Hearing! Dave yelled for me to get the camera when he was flipping through C-SPAN. Actually, her big glasses say "Stop Spying" which is pretty intelligent statement if you think about it.

Oh wait! That reminds me: you know what's really REALLY classy?

When I opened my new locker in school I was in for a pleasant surprise. It's really been an inspiration this semester, even when they cut me from cheerleading squad. :(

You'll have to enlarge this one, but it was on sale at the Architecture In Helsinki show.

My roommate was too afraid to kill this bug. With shoes on. Come on.

In worse news, an old, refurbished church building burned about two blocks from our house. Damages exceed $1.2 million. They published a picture just like this in the paper and I wanted to be cool. Still, it's really too bad.

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