Saturday, November 24, 2007

Broadway Market Xmas

Xian Xmas

Roommate Dave and I enjoyed Black Thursday more than most: both of us were paid to be there. I personally witnessed the sell-out of several hundred Tim Allen DVDs in minutes; Dave tagged along with two middle-aged ladies for a news report but only if he promised to "keep up." We emerged richer, yet tired.

Remembering also our Thanksgiving ceremonies from the night before, on Saturday morning we looked for something to do that didn't involve shopping or eating. Shopping and eating, however, why not? We headed over to Buffalo's Broadway Market for the Christmas Food Fair.

The BM is located in Buffalo's old Polish section so I made sure to try a few pierogis. The city recently lost a close competition for the title "Pierogi Capital" to Binghamton, New York, of all freakin' places. In all I got the pierogis, a 12" panini, the best ├ęclair I've ever tasted and 1.5 pounds of soda for under $10. The place even takes food stamps, so you might want to check it out.

Santa even showed up to scare the little kids.

Those ragtime vaudevillians from Family Guy also played some tunes.

Afterwards we drove around Paderewski Drive to discover someone's carved up an October Surprise Tree near the Central Terminal. Looks like it's a work in progress.

Finally, a picture of the dog enjoying Thanksgiving turkey. On the couch. Bad dog.

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