Sunday, November 04, 2007

Beef on Weck Sushi

Joe got sick of those Facebook/MySpace profiles featuring those "look at me!" pictures of people drinking beer as if they're doing it on the moon. In response, he started posting Facebook picture of him stuffing his face with food. Everyone wish him luck on this latest endeavor. Scott and I joined Joe at the Sea Bar last month for some culinary fusion stuff.

Beef on Weck sushi is cooked beef with horseradish wrapped in rice and raw beef and sprinkled with kimmelweck seeds. It's GREAT. I also tried something called Zushi (picture #3 up there) that I also highly recommend.

IN OTHER NEWS, some history teacher at Sacred Heart Academy has been having inappropriate relations with at least one underage student. I know some people who had that teacher, but even creepier? On May 6th of this year I applied for a job teaching history at that school. That dude would have been my co-worker, and thank goodness he ain't.

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