Saturday, August 25, 2007

Phil & Sarah

Ol' buddy Sarah G married longtime boyfriend Phil this Friday and it was a blast. The bridesmaids' dresses complemented the church's color scheme, the music selections were perfect, and the cake tasted exquisite.

Group hug!
Here are some video clips as well. That kid rocked Brass Monkey. While dancing I stepped on each of Kim's toes, but she was a great sport about it.

The first dance as husband and wife:

Oh, and the vows.

Early that morning I noticed the hotel marquee spelled Sarah's name without the H, so I made a call.
Finally, I got to meet some of Phil and Sarah's friends from Machias for the first time. They were surprised to know even I knew about the magic that is Scottie2Hottie.

Scottie2Hottie's Real World Audition

Congratulations again to Sarah and Phil!

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