Saturday, August 04, 2007

Detritus pt. 3

Lately I've found it easier to create photo slideshows on Windows Movie Maker than upload pictures on Picasa. YouTube, Picasa, and Blogger are all owned by Google, but while Picasa has tight limits on the number of photos to upload, YouTube has only a 10-minute limit on films. At one photo every three seconds, you could post 200 pictures with relative ease. You can even include music, showing everyone just how computer savvy and artsy-fartsy you really are.

Here is a slideshow of random pictures I've taken over the summer. In general they follow the order of:

Greek Restaurant in Mississaugua
Karpeles Museums
Front Park/Connecticut Street Armory
Peace Bridge/Porter/Richmond
Ani Difranco's Church
Allentown Art Festival
Thursday At The Square
Dr. Lonnie Smith, Lafayette Tap Room(check out this site!)
Taste Of Buffalo
Gusto at the Albright-Knox
Fish Fry at Cole's
Sorrento Italian Festival
Buffalo Waterfront
I Spy Exhibit, Buffalo Central Library
Dinner, Buffalo Brew Pub
Scott's New House, Clarence
River Lea/Beaver Island Historical Society
Vagina Exhibit on Allen Street

The Last Picture Took Itself

You'll probably notice a strange dot at the top of some photos. Since those were taken I've bought a new camera, explaining the better resolution near the end. Have you been to any of these places/events?

Music: Mouse On Mars, "I Go Ego Why Go We Go"
Architecture In Helsinki, "Heart It Races (as played by Hey Willpower)"

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