Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dueling Jukeboxes

Of all people, Brian Emerson popped in from Cleveland after a charity golf tournament in, of all places, Akron. Unlike this thing here, Brian's blog actually discusses subjects such as community activism, home improvement, and modern Catholicism with some real insight. Lately I've only posted lousy photography, homemade YouTube clips, and unpopular music. I should be ashamed.

So anyway, here are some pictures from the night. The Cincoshakes were delicious.

We ventured to the Jolly Jug, a place known to many as the place Vincent Gallo robbed when he was a teenager in Amherst. (Others like their tacos.) The blurry, second picture shows that our corner of the bar was inhabited by two different jukeboxes. Here's top secret hidden video of them playing simultaneously, which was retarded. And loud.

We even saw a local celebrity: Lou, the guitarist from Mexican Cession! The guy that tore it up every encore playing Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher!" Here, Brian: you better not be using an RSS feed right now, because this .mp3 is dedicated in your honor.
Mexican Cession - Bagel Pimp

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Brian Emerson said...

Wow! You actually have some useful links on here...i should "click though" mroe often.

Great Song!

Thanks for the memories!