Saturday, October 07, 2006

Work Weak

Battle of the Album Covers

Sunday Night, 9 PM: Drive to job #3. Work until 2:30 AM. Drive home to take shower and arrive at job #1 by 4 AM. Only work until 7 AM because I have to be at job #2 by 8 AM. Work there until 10 AM and take the 45-minute drive to job #1 by 11 AM. Work there until 5 PM, then drive straight back to job #3. Stay there until 9 PM. Drive back home.

Tuesday Morning, 3 AM: Get up at 3 AM to arrive at job #1 by 4 AM. Stay until 2 PM, then drive to job #2 where I'll stay until 5 PM. Make the 90-minute drive to job #3 by 7 PM. Work until 9:30 PM and drive home.

Wednesday Morning: Well you get where this is heading. Most of the week is a blur but I did about 65 hours of work in four days. By Friday I had worked so much they made me go home after only three hours. So tired . . .

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