Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're All Gonna Die

Over the past two days we've had no internet connection and one of the most devastating storms in Western New York History. This guy lives uptown, but let's check out my house. . . .

Front yard, tree #2

The tree behind the house is now partially on top of it.

The garage roof

Front yard, tree #3

Front yard

Entrance to the backyard

The dog's igloo

Mr. Plow

Next door, where the tree from the house over crushed their fence

Across the street

Our neighborhood. I took this from our driveway.

1 comment:

Jasson said...

Damn...those pictures are insane.

When I landed in Buffalo last Saturday I couldn't believe what I saw... none of the pictures I've seen give it justice.

I drove over five different powersline on the way from the airport to my parent's house!

And people wonder why I live in California. :)