Thursday, November 24, 2005

Low Rent

LA Weekly: Film

In college a certain roommate was obsessed with Rent. He played it every bloody day, then sing it, then play it WHILE singing it. But it's not his fault that it makes me cringe. I can't stand most musicals in general: they're just a ton of overacting mixed with songs chock full of plot reiterations. The best part about Rent is that it inspired Avenue Q and Team America: World Police's "Everyone Has AIDS". This review sums it up pretty well.

Anyway, below is a sound file my mother likes to call "Revenge of the Pinheads". Circa 1999 my brother's friend Zack (known to some as "Lenny" left a number of messages on our answering machine. In one case, he forgot to hang up the receiver. The conversation overheard with his roommate is hilarious. Since then, Zack has become a born-again Christian active in the music ministries of area several churches. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

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