Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm Very Interested In Hearing Some Half-Baked Theories

from The Onion. This too.

There have been some minor changes to the Blog. For the first time in over three years, I have installed a counter! That means I can now find out how many times I've refreshed the page in order to see the counter go up! I've also edited down the Blogroll. The "Josh Sucks" blog seems to have gone the way of "Jerry On The Couch" and "Chris On A White Horse". The only thing less frequent than Dave Hill's posts are leap years, so he's off the list for now. Micah's blog is off the list because he made his personal posts private, meaning we'll never see him with a plunger on his head ever again. If you know of a good blog (including your own), please reply and I might add it to the sidebar. If you've started posting again, DAVE, please let us know as well.

Some blogs are not allowed. You know who you are! You are:

--13 y3aRz 0lD n KaNt RyT B/C yR 2 KeWl 4 gRaMm3r@!!! U s|-|uD B s|-|0t!!11 N dA FASE!!% No one thinks you're special because of random capitalization and leetspeak. Palsied or epileptic, maybe. . . .

--writing more than two sentences about the Bush Administration or the Iraq War. It's been five years, it's already been said a million times before, and you're not a real news commentator. Remember the infinite retellings of the "Chester Charlie" joke in elementary school? Reading you has become physically painful. The Buffalo Beast is being watched.

--posting rambling "he said/she said" epics about people you have crushes on. This also goes for whining about how you miss your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. I hope they read every word. It will really help them out during the hearings for your restraining order.

--technically incapable of expanding the text box beyond the size of a cell phone display. Tinker with the template for a while. Come on! And while you're at it, get rid of the useless warning boxes as well.

--devoid of a life. If the average blogger doesn't have a life, what's there to say about a blogger who only talks about their favorite TV show? (Be sure to check out the numerous comments on that last one.)

--automatically playing media while the site loads. I learned this one the hard way, but at least I LEARNED!

--suicidal or bat-shit insane. It's hard to sympathize with someone who wants attention more than professional help.


Joe said...

This guy's blog always provides me with good laughs, but he's a year behind when it comes to updating. I always say I want to link him to mine, but I don't want to be directly associated with a guy who poses for pictures with his balls hanging out of the zipper of his pants. I actually once even IMed him and got some tips on good beaches in NYC. He helped lead me to that big pile of sand that Dawn and I found.


phil said...


what's up?