Monday, June 06, 2005

The Logical Fallacies


For the first time since October 1998 I am not cataloging IM conversations. That's because Trillian does it for me. Last week I converted all my mailing list subscriptions to my Gmail account, and because of its (almost) unlimited size I don't have to save E-mails as text files anymore. The Internet has finally caught up to me! It's a weird feeling, though, closing message boxes without having to save anything.

Oh: if you want copies of any conversations we've had, give me a ring. There's a 98 percent chance I have them. . . .

1 comment:

Brick said...

Haha. It's a good thing that no one knows that you keep all of those old files in a secret folder, which exists under the label "zephyr." No one will ever get to those files.