Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Elementarly school bans milk

Good. I hate milk. Why in god's name do people drink sh*t that comes out of a cow's ass?

Then read that guy's profile. Freakin' genius.

My days are filled with glorious fellowship and splendid diversion. Here's my good buddy Ed posing at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo, house of worship of archnemesis DISSEK!

Here is Ed with Ed Sr. at Denny's. They have similar hand placement and eyeglass shapes; that's how you can tell they're related.

Here is Ed taking a picture of Ed Sr.'s empty plate. Perhaps you can see Ed's picture on his inferior blog.

The dog couldn't make it to his cage to fall asleep so I had to document it.

On Friday, Jerry and I went to Boston, but not without a quick trip through sovereign Tonawanda land.

Here's the Hudson River, and Jerry on the Bridge.

Tolls went up. Here's a handy reference guide.

In Massachusetts we drove past the hilariously named town of Ludlow.

Tonight we saw a movie about Enron. Two moronic girls in the back snarled whenever a Republican appeared on the screen and chewed their popcorn like cud. They must be some of those enlightened urban liberals that will save America from despotism. You're not allowed to take photos, but the 2nd Electric team was so good in this film I just had to.

Joe and Ed discuss the finer points of the film in the lobby.

Scott checks out the refreshments and thinks about who to fire.

Have you heard of The Shocker? No? Good. Then I won't tell you what this is about.


Some of us were extremely giddy for IHOP.

This would be a good time to point out my new shoes. You happy, Jeff?

More Shocker action

Earlier today I wrapped my dad's pile o'change until I ran out of rolls. This is about $45 worth.

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Carlie said...

Grizzlebee's sells The Shocker - it even comes with a free Tossed Salad!