Sunday, June 19, 2005


Ed and I saw the Rockies play the Indians at Jacobs Field. It was a close'un with the Indians eeking out a 2-1 win in what Ed called "a pitchers' duel". But Ed spent a third of the game at the team store, so how does he know? :)

Then the rains came. It took about half an hour for things to clear up.

an usher hiding from the rain

This guy ruled. Ed, I need your pictures of that dude.

Workers are coming from home. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The end

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Eduardo said...

The third of the game spent at the team store, was in fact the 6th inning when it started raining. In addition to making 4,000 smushed pennies for woobie, I bought my dad his fajahs day present, and I got myself a sweet 1975 throw back cap (the blue cap with the big red "C")! It was also odd that it ended up a pitchers duel in that Millwood threw 27 pitches in the first, and loaded the bases. After that though it was lights out!