Friday, April 29, 2005

A Hard Day's Rockin'

Danko Jones

The night started off with a Cheesy Gordita Crunch at Taco Bell. They aren't on the menu anymore but I heard about them from Steve Ferguson's blog, and he was right: they're like a tsunami of flavor! Rock horns for this meal all the way.

I totally munched that taco.

Then I went to Mohawk Place for a Danko Jones / Johnny Nobody show. It freakin' rocked. But I didn't feel like pictures and left that up to Joe; he should have them posted soon. Seriously, Danko Jones is a rock monster.

We bumped into Bob, an ollllllld high school classmate. He's very "independent." One time he came over and taught my brother the word "feces." Dave, Joe and I talked to him about rockin'. Cuz rockin's the best topic of them all.

We hung around outside after the show. Then whaddya know but the devil himself, Mark "Madd Dogg" Miller showed up with a huge Arizona RX Energy drink, ready to reconquer Buffalo. That man is all business. We talked shop for an hour or so. (Pop Pop) Booya.

Finally, this is Jerry's new digital video studio setup. It's cool, but this shouldn't be in the kitchen. It's an old pic and has nothing to do with the hard rockin' we did all night. Rock on.

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comatose said...

Waitaminit...where is there a taco bell in buffalo?

That new Beast cover is fucking hilarious.