Wednesday, April 06, 2005

So I went to a Rochester Amerks game with Joe. He already posted pictures on his own blog and they look just like these. Next time there's a group outing I'm going to confer with Joe beforehand as to who should take pictures, because we have pretty much the same camera and the same vantage point. You're still going to see all thirteen photos whether you like it or not.

Look! The ice is blue! The blue line is orange! The Maple Leafs are playing during a strike! It's BIZARRO world.

The ice! Blue!

The uniforms! Blue!

The zamboni! BLUE!

Labatt ads! Blue!!

There were over 15,000 people at the game! The match was a success! The crowd roared like a lion!

A blimp and two zambonis . . . walk into a bar. . . .

The cameraman, with an assistant holding an electrified poster roll.

The roof (not on fire).

It's the American Moose. Isn't it good to know that Sabretooth can still get work, or that Bam Margera's family aren't too famous to go see a nice hockey game?

The guy in the red is the Why Guy, uh, Kevin Nealon?

University Subway.

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