Sunday, July 18, 2004


Due to my work's location our customers are often foreign, and naturally some of them do not travel often. When an Indian woman came in today with only Canadian money I told her we could accept her bills, not her dollar coins, at an exchange rate. (Coins have to be rolled and it would take months to get enough Loonies to exchange blah blah blah.) She put the coins back and pulled out Canadian $1 BILLS. BILLS. I can only assume that she was really from India and had either saved the bills for decades or gotten her money at a rarely used money changer's before she got on the plane.

We also sell a special CD single of the band Three Doors Down for *only* 99 cents. I just happened to listen to it and guess what? It's mass-produced crap just as I'd suspected! The first song is a ballady kind of thing. Or it's just long and dull, either way... the band sounds like an atonal Nickelback. The second song is a hard rocker; at least, it's supposed to be, but the band sounded too bored to record it well. If the songwriting were catchy and the musicians knew about accents it might have been entertaining. A CD-ROM video features another nondescript song *and* a cameo by Dave Earnhardt Jr.!

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