Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tokyo Police Club/Smoosh/Meligrove Band

I just came back from a pretty darned good show at Showplace. All three bands put on great sets. Probably the biggest surprise was Smoosh, ironically performing songs more complicated than people twice their age. The videos below sound lame because of our location next to the speakers. Oh well. Even when muted, the Tokyo Police Club just plain looks cool.


Thanks for nothing to all the moshers out there, especially the guy who cared enough to heckle the other bands and jump on my feet all night.

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Matthew said...

Hey. Saw your clip on YouTube (with me in it taking pictures of the band). I was relieved to learn that you weren't one of those shitty drunk-ass moshers. I really wanted to do something about it after a while, but unfortunately that kind of stuff comes with the territory... I guess I expected better at Soundlab. Hopefully Eric Cartman and company won't be attending The Helio Sequence show later this month.

I was all ready to write-off Smoosh before they went on, but then low-and-behold, they started to kicked some ass.

Overall, TPC put on a great show... they were very tight, energetic, and had some nice light effects. My clip came out a little better (I'm ahead of the speakers so the sound isn't fuzzed out.

Your English Is Good (Live Buffalo)

A few pics are here (I went for more abstract shots): T.P.C. (Buffalo 04/03/08)